Dropzone Information

Vancouver Skydive operates out of the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport. The DZ is absolutely gorgeous, surrounded by stunning mountains, rivers and forests. We’re stoked to have new experienced jumpers with us!


  • Minimum Solo Certificate (or FAI equivalent)
  • CSPA Membership (or foreign equivalent)

Important Notes

  • Please call us before coming out so we can let you know when we are flying.
  • There are no camping facilities on the airport 
  • No Pets are permitted onsite.
Vancouver skydive tandem training

The Black Panther

Vancouver Skydive flies the only Black Panther Navajo in the world. It’s fitted with two extra large engines to get you the highest jumps in British Columbia, plush benches to enjoy your VanCity and mountainous flight, and a sick paint job that makes you feel like you’re about to drop into a secret covert operation. Even though it’s all about the skydive, we want to make sure you enjoy the ride up to altitude as well. Capacity: 10 Altitude: 13,000 feet Time to Altitude: 12 minutes Horsepower: 700 HP We also fly a 305 hp, Cessna 205, that carries six jumpers to the top in about 18 minutes.