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Vancouver’s immense beauty and rugged terrain are an adventurer’s paradise. Skydiving is the pinnacle of those adventures. At Vancouver Skydive, multiple mountain ranges converge on one beautiful drop location to provide an unforgettable skydive experience. We have one of the most beautiful and unique skydive locations in the world. When you jump out of an airplane for a living, your stoke level is pretty high. We’re super passionate about skydiving and we want you to be too. We make sure you understand that skydiving is more than just falling out of airplanes; it’s a sport, a lifestyle and a family to us. Our team pulls back the curtain and shows you our world. Whether you are nervous or excited, 18 or 81, first or twenty first jump, we’re super excited to introduce you to our amazing sport. Fly with Vancouver Skydive for the highest jumps in BC, for the only jumps in Metro Vancouver and for the amazing backdrop. We hope to fly with you soon.
Vancouver skydive tandem training

Epic Scenery

Utopia best describes the Vancouver Skydive experience. You’ll be jumping in a blissful skydiving paradise that offers all of the most amazing scenic elements: mountains, forests, ocean, lakes, cityscapes, rivers and lush farmlands.

The town of Pitt Meadows feels like it was custom designed for skydiving. It is a mountain-ringed town, nestled between the mighty Fraser and Pitt Rivers, and the jagged, snow-capped Golden Ears Mountains. You’ll catch a glimpse of Pitt Lake, the largest fresh water tidal lake in the world. The Pitt River flows backwards at high tide and has created a delta where it joins Pitt Lake. Skydiving is a multi-dimension sport and simply turning to the west will provide sights of the Vancouver skyline and the Pacific Ocean.

Jumping at Vancouver Skydive, one of the most stunning locations in the world, is the only way to enhance one of life’s most incredible experiences.

VanCity SkyHigh Guarantee

Vancouver Skydive flies the only Black Panther Navajo in the world. It’s upgraded engines have transformed our airplane into a skydiver rocket ship. With its powerful engines and fast turnaround times, we’re able to offer our jumpers 13,000 feet of altitude, the highest tandem skydives in British Columbia. We guarantee we’ll take you the highest in VanCity.

We’re the only Skydiving Centre in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver Skydive is the only skydive centre in Metro Vancouver. We’re an easy, 30 minute or less drive from Langley, Coquitlam, Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver and Vancouver. ( No tolls via Lougheed Highway )

Public Transport Accessible

No car, no worries! We’re completely accessible by public transportation from all of metro Vancouver. Plan your trip at translink.ca.
Vancouver skydive tandem training

We Don’t Discount Safety

Ensuring your safe, and happy, return to the ground is our number one priority. We make every decision and action with this priority, and that is our promise to you. Occasionally, that means we may need to delay or cancel skydiving for the day to wait for better conditions. We do not discount or cut corners on safety. This is for the well being of you, and our team, and we do not make any compromises. We use the newest, state of the art, certified equipment which is approved by parachute associations all over the world. We have our planes inspected and maintained to the standards of Transport Canada and require our staff to stay current with all new training procedures and equipment. You can view all our certifications and licenses in our office at anytime.